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Hello there, my name is Odinakachukwu M. Ndukwe. I’m a Christian and I am a graduate of Medical Laboratory Science from the University of Cape Coast in Cape Coast Ghana. I am from Anambra state but I currently reside in Abuja, Nigeria.

Growing up, I’ve always loved observing people, trying to figure out why they do the things they do. I also like to explore and try out new things. Wish i studied psychology but I’m not giving up on that because I know it’s a possibility. So for now, I just read books and articles on psychology, try to make the most of life and my blog is a way of sharing with the world.

What’s my blog about?

In a country like Nigeria, we mostly think that mental problems are for the white people, so we ignore evident psychological/mental behavioral disorders and/or patterns. We sometimes think someone is possessed or mad when the truth could be that there is a mental disorder present that we are yet to identify and have no idea how to take care of. If Nigerians would pay closer attention to these, perhaps, they could relate better with such individuals and help them too.

The Royal Deviant blog aims at providing awareness concerning psychological/mental disorders amongst Nigerians and to improve human relationship with each other at the same time spreading the love and power of God.

The Royal Deviant blog is for those that want to know about psychological/mental disorders and human behavioural patterns so they can improve overall human relationship. The blog also spreads the goodness, power and love of God. You will also see some lifestyle posts on here 😉 .

It is divided into 5 main categories; ViewPoint, Faith & Inspiration, Psychology, Story Feature and Lifestyle.

ViewPoint is a monthly series where I seek a number of people’s opinions concerning certain issues, compile them and publish. Some ViewPoint posts are;

Faith & Inspiration features Christian related articles that tell you more about God and encourages you in your faith and walk with Him. A few faith posts are

Psychology category is for articles that talk about psychological/mental disorders such as bipolar disorder, attention deficit disorder (ADD) and so on. Articles on human behavioural patterns such as passive aggression, grief, etc, and articles that explain the reasons people do what they do also belong to this category. In this category, you will find tips that would help you understand yourself more and improve your relationship with people.

Story feature shows people’s stories regarding psychology and faith. The purpose is to encourage others to see that what they are going through is not uncommon, people have overcome it and so can they.

Lifestyle is concerns things surrounding everyday life such as places, books, things and life generally pertaining to both faith and psychology/human behaviour. Check out some lifestyle posts

Reading the Royal Deviant blog, will enlighten you on certain psychological/mental disorders. It will also help improve the relationships you have with people. This is because the blog will talk about human behavior, what to expect and how to handle them. Also, you get to know about psychological tips and things such as books, apps, places and so on that could make your life easier when it comes to understanding people, God and life in general.

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    April 2, 2018
  2. Osione A. said:

    No wonder I’ve been missing your mails!! Congrats on self hosting 🙌🙌 plus I completely love the new website🙌

    April 23, 2018
    • Nakas said:

      Awww, thanks love💕

      April 27, 2018

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