I’ve come to realize that people are humans too, no matter how admirable they are. Knowing this can help whenever you feel intimidated by all the wonderful things that make them admirable.

I didn’t say disregard and belittle them to feel better about yourself. No.

I’m saying you should also know that beyond all that awesomeness is still a human. If they are human, you can relate with them and you can also do so beyond their achievements that you visibly see.

Let me share what inspired what you read above. So, I was on Instagram and saw a pretty dude and I opened his profile and I was like, as good as he looks, as well put together as his life seems, beyond all these, the fine guy is human and as much as he’s entering my eyes (not the first time I’ve seen him on my social media), he might not be as awesome as my head thinks and even if he’s that awesome, he’s human beyond all that. That means he’s relatable.

It’s been almost a week since I posted something for my daily blog entries but I’m back now and will be consistent🤞🏾

Happy new month!!

As usual, be a light in your space 💫

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