Today, I documented things to share and had about three (3) things to talk about. I’m going to talk about one in detail and the rest briefly.

The first one is how God makes you a better person. I’m not sure there’s a break in God’s school.

It’s like, when God brings to light something you need to deal with, and He helps you with it, He brings another one while you’re getting out of the former one.

Sometimes He brings to light 2 things to deal with at the same time, and it’s painful when you’re working on these things, but at the end, you’re better for it. because God loves you and wants the best for you. It’s also amazing to know that you don’t have to deal with your shortcomings, pain, hurt, trauma etc. on your own. He literally helps you through His Spirit.

The second thing is about how we react in certain moments and then have regrets about our actions when we’re now okay. It’s so interesting.

This evening, I was irritable and I was just snapping and even while snapping, I felt bad but I still snapped (sigh). When I came back to normal, I felt even worse. If only I could have restrained myself a little bit but hey, we’re human, I’m human and I’m a work in progress.

Three (3) things from what happened with me being irritable is that, sometimes you meet people in a bad or irritable mood but that’s not them normally. Everyone (I think), has been irritable or been in a bad mood at some point and have reacted in a bit-so-good-way. It doesn’t justify the actions but it is what it is, so, give grace to people and give them another chance. Maybe that’s not how they are. Secondly, someone’s reaction to you, most times is not about you, don’t take it personally. Lastly, we can practice more self-control when consumed by emotions and the Holy Spirit can help too; we can do better.

The final thing is this, every stage of a man’s life has its concerns and challenges. Today, my sister’s friends came to visit (4 of them) and one arrived before the others. When she saw the others arrive (the remaining 3 came together), she was like, ‘if I had known I’d have even worn my natural hair, everyone is rocking natural hair (the rest of the girls wore their natural hair while she had a wig on)’. I was like, wait, is it not to see someone at home, why does it even matter?

I then realized that’s her stage or level. I was once there, where I’d care so much about certain things that just didn’t matter but mattered to me. If I go to see a friend now, I’m not going to be bothered than the others wore their natural hair and I’m wearing a wig. Can’t be me.

I know it’s not everyone that would worry the way the girl did at her age (we all have different personalities). I personally wouldn’t have still cared about being the odd one because of hair at her age but there were other things I could have cared about at that age, that looking back, it just didn’t matter. I was simply worried for nothing.

Anyway, that’s it for today. If you have any thoughts, I’d love to read them.

Remember, be a light in your space 💫

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