So, today was a very unproductive day for me. I had things to do but just couldn’t bring myself to be productive. I dunno why. This means tomorrow and next is going to be really busy.

Tbh, I think there’s a reason I was like this today, but I’m not sure I can search for it within me. Maybe I can, but I’m afraid it’ll be something I have to work through, and I’m not just ready.

Anywho, I hope you had a good day today.

2 thoughts on “05/07/2022

  1. Hiiii, Imago Dei my day was like a 5/10
    I enjoy reading your posts btw
    And talking about being unproductive, is it possible for someone to be busy all through the day and yet unproductive cos I was trying to explain to a friend how most times I’m busy and bcos I didn’t do the one thing I said I would do that day, I feel very unproductive but she believes that as long as you were occupied throughout the day, you are still somehow productive.

    1. Hii Genevieve

      Haha, I like how you called me Imago Dei 😌

      Yes, it’s very possible to be very busy, yet unproductive. Your explanation to your friend is exactly what it means to be busy, yet unproductive.

      You define what a productive day is for you. If you are busy with other things, yet, couldn’t do that thing that is productive, then you were simply unproductive but very busy.

      What could make you unproductive, could be my productive. For instance, if your main goal for the day is to write a school paper and you spent the day cleaning the whole house or running errands, then you can say your day was unproductive, yet busy. However, my main goal for the day might be cleaning the house and running errands. If I do that, I’ve been productive. But if I don’t and I spent the day reading a book, as good as that is, it’s not really a productive day because that wasn’t the plan.

      You don’t have to do something like watch a movie or spend time on IG to feel like your day was unproductive. Neglecting your main task, but doing every other thing else, will make you busy, yet unproductive.

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