Today I’m going to share something short I got from the person that led prayers this evening.

God does not send you to the war without passing through battles

Stephen Fasonye (SFF)

This shows that whatever challenge you have or thing you need to do that makes you feel like you can’t, know that you have been prepared to overcome, you just need to face it.

It shows us that God takes us through the little, before the big, whether it’s in our career, finances, spiritual walk, etc.

It reminds me also of something said in the Bible; “He who is faithful in little will be faithful in much”.

Most times, to prepare for the “big things”, we have to go through the “smaller things”.

Remember, whatever challenge you have, know that you have what it takes to overcome. Don’t let insecurities or imposter syndrome get the best of you. Don’t also think you’re weak.

You have God in you.

Be a light in your space 💫

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