Sometimes I want to talk, sometimes I’m like what’s the point?

I don’t mean talking about my problems or opening up. No. I’m talking about just having conversations.

I can’t point out the reason why I feel this way but I know something I can add is that, I’m just tired of going back and forth with people, especially when it comes to topics based on opinions. When it becomes an argument of trying to understand where both parties are coming from, I genuinely get weak.

Also, sometimes I feel like there’s really nothing to say and I don’t want to talk off point or too different or in a forced manner (like I have to give a response) and be thinking of all I’ve said after the conversation. It happens to me a lot, I tend to revisit conversations in my head, so maybe I want to stop having cringe moments as a result of certain things I said.

So for now, I’d rather let people talk and I just listen and observe but I know that’s not okay because people also want to hear what the person they are talking to has to say and sometimes that person also wants to be heard.

Anyway, I’m guessing this is a phase because it just started (this week). I believe it’ll pass, but this is where I am.

I’d like to be quiet and listen to people talk.

If you can relate to all I’ve shared, please let me know in the comment section. Thank you.

As usual, remember to be a light in your space 💫

2 thoughts on “08/09/2022

  1. I can relate, cos yes I’m actually a talker and people know me for that but sometimes I’m not not in the mood to talk and people who know I mostly do the talking begin to see me being silent as though I’m upset or sad, and they start asking questions but I honestly don’t have something to say at that time or in the mood to, these days tho I find myself talking less and I love that for me cos talking much has got me in trouble, but the problem I have is with people thinking something is wrong cos I’m quiet

    1. Hi Genevieve,

      I get what you mean and yes, talking a lot can get one into trouble. Concerning dealing with people asking if something is wrong, it’ll be something they will eventually get used to, especially if these people are close to you. However, outsiders can ask if you’re okay. It definitely happens to me.

      Thank you for sharing 💫

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