There were two (2) things I had in mind to share today but as it is, I can’t remember the second one, I should have written it down.

Today was the mid-year worker’s retreat in my church and tbh, it was something I didn’t even know I needed. There were lots of confirmation, and I indeed was edified, the church as well.

So in church, Pastor Mayowa (PM), resident Pastor CCI Abuja, mentioned how left to him, he wouldn’t be out there as being a pastor demands him to be. He said he’s an introvert and that sometimes people used to think he’s a snob. He talked about how he’d only talk to people he knew and then move. He also talked about how he would not smile while walking and so people would think he’s unapproachable. He said a lot of things introverts could relate to, and he talked about how he did certain things to make it easier to relate with people, since he’s a pastor and he just has to relate to/with his church members.

Here’s the thing, while PM was talking, I felt seen. Like, I could relate. I know I’m not the only one that feels the things I feel in my life, but it was nice to see someone, and someone like PM, who understands. It just felt good and I thought to myself, there are people like me (I mean, I always knew that, but maybe it’s because it’s PM, I dunno, it just hit differently today).

See eh, I dunno how to explain this and I don’t want to talk a lot about my experiences, but PM sharing that today encouraged me greatly.

Please tell your story, it can encourage people. Sometimes people want to know that there are others like them, that there’s someone who can relate, someone who understands. What you share doesn’t really have to have a lesson or something. Plain sharing experiences can encourage someone, you never know.

Also, realize that how you feel is not strange. There are people who have experienced what you’re going through, and know how you feel. Real people can relate. People around you might not get it, but someone does somewhere.

You’re not alone.

Remember to be a light in your space💫

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