Today is one of those days where I really don’t have a message to share, but thank God this blog series isn’t only about lessons and the likes.

So what will I be doing today?

I’ll be sharing three (3) things I got from Deeper Ikeja amongst others.

‘Deeper’ is a programme organized by Celebration Church International (CCI). It is a special teaching programme facilitated by Apostle Emmanuel Iren (the lead Pastor of CCI) for the reviving and rejuvenation of your devotional life.

Last month was Deeper Abuja (which was amazing btw), today was that of Ikeja. It was in three (3) sessions (morning, afternoon and evening). Unfortunately, I was unable to stream the morning session, but I streamed the afternoon and evening sessions.

Below are three (3) things said by Apostle Emmanuel Iren that stuck with me and I believe is worth sharing.

1. Dominion without the Spirit is dangerous, and the Spirit without dominion is mediocre. As Christians, we are supposed to function in both.

2. Your number one defense against the devil is information. You are as powerful as you’re knowledgeable.

3. If you’re working with the mindset of winning souls, someone who is driven merely by money mustn’t do it better than you.

If these interest you, you should watch/listen to the full sermons, they will bless you. Below are their various links.

Morning session

Afternoon session

Evening session

I hope you had a good day today. Mine was okay, no pressure, and I liked it that way.

As always, remember to be a light in your space 💫

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