I didn’t think yesterday’s entry will be published today 😂

I slept off in an interesting way. After taking a walk (which I didn’t complete actually because of rain), I got to my room and while looking at my todo list, I was overwhelmed. I was supposed to have a meeting by 9pm and as soon as it was canceled, I decided to shut down for the day (even though I still had a task to do).

I was thinking of watching a movie but at the same time, I knew sleep would do me some good. This was at 7pm. I also wanted to join Triumph30 prayer for 8pm. Triumph30 is a non-denominational prayer platform. They pray 6am, 12pm, 8pm and 2am (WAT) for 30 minutes on Mixlr. Here’s a link to follow on Mixlr if you’re interested (it’ll greatly help your prayer devotion) – Triumph30

Because I didn’t want to miss Triumph30 prayer, I pressed my phone and started planning todo list for next week 😂 I needed to pace myself because I realized that I didn’t have time to do some things, so I shifted a few stuff to next week and adjusted timelines so I don’t feel overwhelmed as much and have time to do other things. I felt better after doing that tbh.

After the prayer, I had to join another one from a church group by 8:45pm and my mistake was doing it on my bed. Guys, I slept off and woke up 12:30am 😂

I set a reoccurring alarm (for 10pm) for my daily blog entries and funnily, I just didn’t hear it, if not I’d have woken up. Maybe I did, but I turned it off and went back to sleep, I can’t remember.

Even the food I planned to eat and the episode of Indian matchmaking I planned to watch while eating didn’t happen again.

I’m glad I slept because it’s obvious my body needed the sleep even though I wanted to watch a show to relax a bit.

So, here I am, at exactly 2:02am, typing this after getting some work done. There’s really no lesson to take here I guess. Maybe to rest? Anyway, I thought to share because, really, I’m not sure what I’d have shared for the blog entry.

As usual, be a light in your space 💫

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