Today I learned something and I’m glad God gave me the grace to learn, because it was painful to admit.

I was pissed about something and getting a second opinion made me realize I was pissed and worked up for nothing. I realized that I had no right to be angry, because what I was pissed about was the right thing, and I was the one that had the problem. My emotions were the problem.

Getting a second opinion opened my eyes to it and as painful as it was to admit it, I did. I’m no more angry, I’m now okay with it. I’ve made my peace with it, since I was the problem; I just didn’t know what I was pissed about was the normal and right thing.

I’m glad God helped me see that, and I’m more open to the idea. I know this my story is vague, but I really didn’t want to go into detail.

The lesson here is that, sometimes someone’s action isn’t wrong but is in fact the right thing to do. Because it upsets you, doesn’t mean they are wrong. You just have to see it in another perspective and realize that you’re the one who has got to get your feelings together and look at things objectively so you can do the right thing as well. Sometimes, it is what it is, you gats act accordingly. You don’t have to be emotional about certain things.

Also, don’t always look for comfort in people’s words, or someone to pet you because of your feelings about something, especially if you’re the one who needs to adjust your expectations or see things objectively. Take the message and do the right thing.

Remember, be a light in your space 💫

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