Today, it really hit me how I limit myself. I was going through someone’s IG on sales and marketing, and I knew most of what he shared. I saw how he carried himself and called himself a consultant, whereas, I am struggling to earn being called knowledgeable in my field.

They say there are people who just run with what they know, another set of people that want to know everything before they run, and another that doesn’t want to run. I think I belong to second group.

Seeing what I saw today, I became more confident and encouraged. I’m a good content marketer. Forget. All thanks to God.

So, maybe you’re just like me, struggling to accept that you have enough to be paid well or earn that spot to share something you know. Be encouraged. People might not know as much as you do, yet they are just running and getting paid. It’s crazy.

Put yourself out there.

As always, remember to be a light in your space 💫

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