Re-branded: What’s new and what to expect

Hi you guys, it’s been a while (2 whole months!) since I published a post on here. Who missed me? Well I missed the blogging.

I’m pretty sure you have noticed some changes made to my blog. Yeah, I changed the header image, theme and my menu categories. So in my previous post, To a Fresh Start, I talked about how I wanted to re-brand my blog. I wanted to make it a faith and psychology blog and now, that is what it is. Take a look at my header image up close

What to Expect

On the blog, you would see mainly psychology and faith related kind of articles. Occasionally you would also see personal and random posts that may not be necessarily related to this new niche. Basically most of my posts will fall into these categories;

  • ViewPoint
  • Faith & Inspiration
  • Psychology
  • Story Feature
  • Discover

You probably recognize some of the categories and there are some you have no idea what they mean. Don’t worry, I’ll explain them briefly. You could also take a look at by About Page.

ViewPoint is a monthly series where I seek a number of people’s opinions concerning certain issues, compile them and publish and Faith & Inspiration features Christian related articles.

Psychology category is for articles that talk about psychological/mental disorders such as bipolar disorder, attention deficit disorder (ADD) and so on. Articles on human behavioural patterns, the reasons people do what they do and so on are also in the psychology category. Examples of such are passive aggression, grief and several others.

Story feature shows people’s stories regarding psychology and faith.The purpose is to encourage others to see that what they are going through is not uncommon, people have overcome it and so can they. Discover features things worth knowing of, such as people, places, apps, books and so on in relation to life, psychology and faith. Basically you will find things you need to know of that could help you in one way or the other under this category.

BTW, I’m thinking of a cool name for the psychology and story feature. I don’t want it to be that plain, so if you can come up with something cool, that would be really nice and I’d appreciate it.

Apart from all these y’all, I am open to guest articles. If there’s an article related to psychology, faith and probably life issues that you would like to put out there, The Royal Deviant blog will be delighted to have your article.

Also, if you want to tell a story or an experience related to God, life and psychology, don’t hesitate to contact me. Your story will be featured under the Story Feature category of my blog and you can choose to be anonymous or not.


Finally, y’all, I have decided to take my social media accounts more seriously. I know there are times I told myself that but I didn’t see it through. Well this time, with the rebranding, I have decided to try again and I hope to deliver this time. Frankly, it’s not easy to be very much active on social media (at least for me) but I’m willing to be very committed to my blog and anything that concerns it and that includes social media. With that being said, follow me on facebook, twitter and instagram @theroyaldeviant.

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