From the books of Chronicles, it looks like there were 3 main things that scattered kings and kingdoms:

  • Idolatry
  • Pride
  • Lack of trust in God

It might all boil down to pride. Pride can make a man think He doesn’t need God and to create his own god.

Pride can also make a man unable to humble himself before God and ask for help or to recognize that God can help him and not by what he (the man) thinks he has.

It gradually builds lack of trust in God, making God an option. Whereas God should be all that we rely on. Interestingly, God is capable and has always been capable.

What about humans make us not trust so much in God when things seem to be falling apart?

God has a great track record of coming through and doing good. He’s a good Father regardless. He’s both just and merciful. How can someone be just and merciful (it blows my mind all the time)?

The goodness of God might not be seen now in your situation but sometimes when you think back to a challenge and coming out of it, you realize that God was good then, and even though you didn’t see it then, you see it now.

It’s all very interesting 🤔

The pride that is in the heart of man is one that only God can deal with adequately.

You’ll think you don’t have pride in a certain way or area, and God reveals another way you have pride. Almost like it never ends.

It takes the Spirit of God. Thank God for the Spirit of God that is readily available to, and dwells in, the sons of God.

Remember, be a light in your space 💫

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