I hear it a lot from people that your success or obedience to God is for someone.

I’m beginning to really see how my obedience to do something or start something is part of God’s will for someone’s life.

Whatever vision or dream God has given you, go for it. It’ll feel scary and might weigh on you mentally because sometimes you’ll require mental resilience to go for certain things. But you know what’s amazing, you have God with you and He supplies strength, provision and grace for what He has called you to do. I’m not just talking about spiritual/ministerial work but even secular work like at your workplace, in your career, in your neighborhood, etc.

You might not know this now but who knows, you might be one of the touch-points someone somewhere will come across to get to where God has purposed them to be. It can change their life.

So, start!

Remember, be a light in your space 💫

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