I was watching a movie and in this movie, a lady was so angry because someone she communicated with online stopped responding. So here’s a little more about the story.

The two of them (let’s call the girl Anne and the guy, Jay) loved each other and had to live far apart in different countries. The movie was set in the year 1999 and there were no smart phones to make communication easier. All they had was one online platform (I’m thinking email or some email-like platform) that they used to keep in touch daily.

They both planned to go to the same college where they would be reunited and perhaps live happily ever after. On the day Anne got her acceptance letter, she sent Jay a message but a day passed, then 2 and even though she followed up, he never responded.

Anne felt so hurt and struggled to recover even years after because these 2 were truly in love and all of a sudden he stopped responding. She even sent him a message that he should say something and let her know if he doesn’t want this or something, but she got nothing.

15 years later, she found out that when Jay stopped responding was when he died. He had been dead all those while and she had no way of knowing. All that hurt she went through, maybe thinking he abandoned her and all, was not what it was. Jay had died.

Jay’s friend was the one that told Anne Jay was dead. He said he wasn’t sure whether to reach out to her, but when he came across Jay’s stuff, he felt he had to reach out to her because Jay loved her.

Anne told Jay’s friend that she’s glad he reached out and that even though it’s been many years, it has helped her to no longer be angry.

When she said that, I felt it.

Anne was angry at Jay because of how things went and consciously or subconsciously, it affected her. She wasn’t sure how to let go because it truly hurt; it cut deep.

It made me think about how angry some of us are because of a hurtful event and how many of us might never get answers or closure like Anne did.

What happens then? Do we go on living angry?

I decided to share my thoughts here and hopefully you can share yours as well.

BTW, I cried in this movie sha. It also reminded me of love that will never be explored because of life.

Anyway, that’s that for today. As usual, be a light in your space💫

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