I have nothing much to say, but I’ll simply share what I shared on my WhatsApp status.

2 months ago, I disabled YouTube notifications. It helped my productivity.

2 weeks ago, I deleted Instagram and Twitter and my productivity went up even more (I think deleting those 2 apps was the most effective sef).

I still go on Instagram and Twitter, but on my browser and tht thing is not pleasant to do, it’s so uncomfortable. It makes me spend 10mins or less at once there and of course, that’s the aim.

If you want more productivity, you know what it is that can help you become more productive. It might not be Instagram or Twitter like me, but it could be Netflix or any other thing that just eats into your time. You have tried to limit the time you spend on it but you’re not so disciplined. I understand.

This is your cue to delete it until you have achieved what you want. But if you can deal with it, please, continue.

I wish I could have kept those apps, especially Instagram, but I watched myself exceed my daily time limit of 2 hours each day. 😂 you can’t blame me, the reels on Instagram make me relax and I just like dwelling there. That’s how I know TikTok will not help me too😂

Anyway, I’m glad I let it go for now. I’ll download again as soon as I’m done with what it is I want to achieve.

As usual, be a light in your space💫

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