A Guide to Minimalist Packing: How to Pack Light for Travels

A Guide to Minimalist Packing: How to Pack Light for Travels

I am not a fan of traveling for long hours but there’s one thing that certainly makes it worse for me and that is when I have lots of luggage. I must confess I tend to over pack because in my head I get this “what if I need this?” However having to carry more than one luggage can be a burden because you can’t exactly be on the go (for example at the airport, you have to wait for your checked in bags instead of moving on); it gets awkward when people can spot you as a traveler; and let’s not forget the extra luggage charges you might get at the airport. Why go through all these stress when you could pack light, with just one bag and still get to enjoy the destination you are headed.

I’m going to be taking you through how to pack light and things to consider while packing.

A Guide to Minimalist Packing: How to Pack Light for Travels

Know your Destination

It is important you know the environment of your destination. This helps you understand what the climate is like at the time of travel. Are you going to a cold place? Is it going to be warm like in summers? How do the people dress (you don’t want to be looking weird)?

Also, you would need to have in mind the purpose of your travel. Are you going for an event? What kind of event are you going for? Are you going for tourist attraction? All these are necessary to know so you get prepared on what kind of things to pack. Someone going for a wedding will definitely pack differently from someone who wants to go sightseeing.

You could book cheap flights ahead of your trip. This helps save money and who doesn’t like keeping extra money? There are also cheap flights from Lagos to New York that you could check out if for any reason you find yourself going to New York.

A Guide to Minimalist Packing: How to Pack Light for Travels

Choose a functional and comfortable bag to pack

People don’t exactly know how this is necessary but it is. Personally, when travelling, I prefer to use a laptop backpack. This is because it is very comfortable and it fits my laptop and iPad. I like the fact that I can wear it on my back and be balanced. I don’t have to worry about one sided shoulder pain. According to my dad, it quickly gets you past security check points at the airport (He always carries a backpack. My mom keeps telling him to carry a professional bag like his mates but he too likes the comfort).

A Guide to Minimalist Packing: How to Pack Light for Travels

If you are looking for affordable backpacks in Nigeria, you could try the JanSport backpack. With the JanSport backpack, you can get one that suits your style and purpose for use. So whether you are traveling, going to class, going for an adventure or even a concert, you could easily find one that is just right for you. There is also a lifetime warranty on any backpack you get. This means you never have to worry about your backpack falling apart because they would fix it for you or even replace it. What’s even good is you don’t need to rob a bank to get one.

A Guide to Minimalist Packing: How to Pack Light for Travels

A Guide to Minimalist Packing: How to Pack Light for Travels

Pack the important and necessary things first

To get this done, you need to make a list before hand on things you would need for your travel. Just like in economics, there needs to be a scale of preference. For example, when it comes to footwear, a pair of flats and flip-flops would be enough depending on the event (e.g. worn to the beach) because shoes take a lot of space. Basically, it all boils down to the environment and purpose of your trip. Pack little that you can maximize the use of.

Doing this would make sure you pack what you would really need and leave the remaining space in your bag for other things you feel you want to carry. It also saves you the stress of bringing out the not so necessary stuff when your bag is full.

A Guide to Minimalist Packing: How to Pack Light for Travels

Have in mind the colours of your clothes

It is wise to pack dark colored clothing (black, brown, dark blue etc.) as compared to bright colored clothing. With bright colored clothing, it is a bit difficult to pair outfits, in other words, not anything can go with it. Dark colored clothing on the other hand can be paired easily and with fewer things too. So you could get a pair of sneakers that could go with your entire outfit for the trip. It also makes it difficult for people to know you are wearing the same shirt or trouser unlike when you wear a pink trouser.

Pack lightweight clothes and wear the heavyweight clothing like jeans and jackets when traveling

Packing lightweight clothes makes room for more space in your bag so you can fit in other stuff as compared to packing heavyweight clothing such as your jeans and jackets. I usually do this because of space and to avoid paying for extra luggage. So I just wear my jeans and tie my jacket around my waist. If you can’t wear all your heavyweight clothes, you can pack them first so they remain down and you can squeeze the light ones in. Another advantage of packing light clothes is they are easily dried when washed (in case you get a stain or you have to do laundry).

Roll your clothes, don’t fold

I’m the worst when it comes to packing but I have a friend who does justice to packing. She should be given a crown. She would always roll her clothes and organize them neatly in her bag. I have come to realize that rolling gives more space. I never understood the logic but  it does. If you don’t roll your clothes while packing, you should try it and see for yourself.


Only pack the important toiletries. Don’t pack what you know you could get at your destination. As for creams, shampoos and moisturizer, you could put some into small containers instead of carrying the whole container. That would definitely save you some space.

Other tips

You could carry just one book (if you like to read while travelling) so it doesn’t make your bag bulky. Better still, you could get as much eBooks on your iPad, Kindle and whatnot. If you are like, me, just carry a book (I can hardly read eBooks).

Let’s also not forget your travel documents. They are your necessities and so should be one of the first things going into your bag. You don’t want to be at the airport then remember you left your passport on the dining table. Finally, avoid “what if I need this?” If you will need them, you could always buy them when you travel, see it as a way to shop for yourself.

Just in case you want to go on that trip and you are thinking of how to pack light, you should have all these in mind.

Did you know any of these tips? What other tips do you know of?

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