Welcome to The Royal Deviant blog.

What’s this blog about?

The Royal Deviant blog (TRD Blog for short) is primarily a human relationship and behaviour blog.

In life, we struggle to know ourselves and reach that point where we are comfortable with ourselves while striving to be better. That journey can be difficult because you get to truly know yourself and be self-aware. Truly knowing yourself can be uncomfortable as you get to see your weaknesses and ugly things about yourself you rather not admit.

Sometimes while in this journey, we wish we had answers and some sort of guide to help us navigate what we notice about ourselves and how to improve on them; we want to be better and do better to live more fulfilling lives. To do this, we also need to have better relationships with ourselves and others around us because whether we like it or not, we have to learn to deal and relate well with people.

The Royal deviant blog is for you if:

  • you can somehow relate to the above paragraphs
  • you’re someone interested and passionate about understanding yourself and others; why they do what they do and also understanding others
  • you would like to know how to relate with other people in your life better
  • you’re interested in improving your life and relationships

The purpose of this blog is to help you improve your life & relationships, be at peace & happy with yourself, constantly grow & find fulfillment.

There are 4 main categories of TRD blog

  • Human Behaviour
  • Human Relationship
  • ViewPoint
  • My Space

Human Behaviour contains human behavioural articles that would help you understand yourself, others and the dynamics of human relationships.

Human Relationship provides you the help you need to navigate relationships in your life.

ViewPoint is a monthly series where I get the opinions and ‘viewpoints’ of random people concerning certain topic of life that would definitely interest you.

My Space is simply as it sounds; the blogger’s space (in this case, myself, haha). Here I write more personal things like my thoughts, lessons and faith. I’m happy to share all these with you, maybe we could rub minds together. If you’d like to know more about me and My Space, simply click here.


The Royal Deviant