A Little Something about Me



My name is Odinakachukwu Ndukwe, my friends call me Nakas. I’m a Medical Laboratory Scientist, a content creator and a writer (short poems and this blog count right?).

I love observing people. and the reason people do what they do. I’m also fascinated with the topic of life and human behaviour, so I’m mostly in my head and it’s quite a busy place. I’m also a Christian and I like talking about God and my walk so far.

Some of the things I  enjoy doing include writing, listening to and singing music (just so it’s out there, I don’t have a good voice), planning, organizing, helping people and learning new things. I also have a Medium blog that is more personal. There, I talk more about myself and my thoughts, than I do on this blog. You can check it out My Medium blog


About my blog


The Royal Deviant blog was birthed after I graduated from University. It was a way for me to put my thoughts out there. Gradually, I started writing about human behaviour because that fascinates me, I mean, why do people do what they do? I would learn about human behaviour and share then I’d also put my thoughts and opinions out there and my faith also.

Learning about behaviour, life and God caused me to act better, do better and be better.

The reason or ‘Why’ of this blog is ‘Understanding yourself and others better’ You need to know yourself well and others well to relate better right?.  So, I learn & share what I know about life, God and behaviour, we learn from each other through your thoughts and contributions and we grow.

Understanding yourself and others better, I learn & share, we learn & we grow

The Royal deviant blog is divided into 4 main categories; ViewPoint, Faith, Behaviour, and My thoughts.

ViewPoint is a monthly series where I seek a number of people’s opinions concerning certain issues, compile them and publish. Basically I would ask some people their thoughts on a particular issue or matter and post it on my blog for others to see. The aim of this is to realize how people think and to appreciate the diversity of thoughts.

Faith features Christian related articles that tell you more about God and encourages you in your faith and walk with Him. A few of them are also from my experience walking with God.

Behaviour category is about human beings, relationship with each other and mental health. It is basically about how humans react, the things they do and why they do them and also the different mental illnesses, human dynamics and how to deal with them. The aim of this category is to improve human behaviour and relationships.

My thoughts are my own thoughts and opinions concerning life issues. I also tell my story/experiences in this category. Here, anything goes. It’s like my thoughts haven.

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