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In 2001 two Christian Hymn writer, Keith Getty and Stuart Townend after been introduced by a friend came together after what seemed like a cup of coffee ago and wrote a song that has totally transitioned in its 19 year into our faith and hope in God – In Christ alone


In life, we go through things that (both negative and positive) that stress us physically and mentally. An example of a negative event is being abused, losing someone and so on. A positive event could be getting married, a new job, moving. With all that happens in our lives, we find a way to manage and cope with these life stress and triggers. What we do to manage them is known as coping mechanism.

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In my latest ViewPoint post about suicide attempt, I asked a couple of people what they think causes suicide, what age is too young to attempt suicide, how they would feel/react if a loved one attempted suicide and how they would respond to a loved one that attempted suicide. You can read all about it here.

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Do you ever feel like you want to put up something on your social media or blog and when you look at the content, you feel as if it’s not good enough, like it’s not strong enough or maybe your opinion isn’t even right?


Earlier this year, in January, a young man (26) was rushed to the emergency unit of the hospital I worked in. Apparently, he attempted suicide by ingesting 2 bottles and half of sniper (an insecticide) but was found by a family

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Do you ever get one of those moments when you feel like you are over how someone hurt you but still refer to it, or anytime you think about it, it hurts so badly? Well, maybe, just maybe, you’re not over it, at least not completely.

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