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Every morning on my way to work, I see how some people drive on the streets and most times I’m like, if I drive, I will just be slowing down anyhow and I might just cause an accident. Even before I reached the age of driving, I’ve always been scared of driving. It’s amazing how people could manoeuvre through tight corners (shout out to my mom, best driver I know).

Few months ago, a friend of mine wanted to teach my brothers and I how to drive. My brothers were excited and as for me, not so much. The day came and my friend brought a car that used a manual transmission. My brothers wanted to go first and I happily allowed them. My friend took them through the basics before they were allowed to move the car. While they were driving, I was just shouting, I thought we would hit someone. At a point, I confused one of them because of how I screamed and he almost hit someone.

It eventually got to my turn and it was getting late. Everyone was like, move to the driver’s seat naw and let him (my friend) take you through so you can move the car. I was so scared, I just didn’t want to try and so I told them it was getting late, so we should go home. They all said I was afraid to try and they were practically begging me to drive. I told them I wasn’t and that the next time, I’ll go first. The next time never came as our schedules were not working for each other. I was kind of relieved though.

Reflecting on my fear of driving, I know it’s probably not going to be a big deal as I would start driving like my friends have. I thought of things in my life that I was scared to do but I eventually did. It wasn’t as much as a big deal the way I allowed my mind think.

I remembered how in SS2 I was so scared of writing WAEC and JAMB (both are exams you take that qualify you for university). Even when I got to SS3 (senior secondary class 3, it’s the final class in high school), the fear increased. I thought WAEC was a very difficult thing that determined life and death. I remember not wanting to enter SS3 as it was one step closer to WAEC and JAMB. However, JAMB came and I wrote it, WAEC came and I wrote it, and I did well. It wasn’t a big deal after all, I had crossed that bridge, and I had climbed that mountain.

Then came final year project. Just like I was scared of WAEC, I was scared to do a project. Often times, I wished I could replace my project work for a course work. I heard a lot of things about projects. I was told I had to do a lot of research. Also that your supervisor could turn you here and there for corrections, additions and subtractions. Let’s not forget defence, both proposal and thesis defence.  I got into final year and of course, it wasn’t easy with the project but in all, I scaled through.

Other situations are when I thought a course had so much in it that I couldn’t understand and eventually, I wrote the exam and all that anxiety was gone. Or when I am presenting something to a crowd and I think I’m going to flop but then I mount the podium and feel relaxed after a few minutes.

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All these are anxieties. We feel anxious when we are in certain situations. Sometimes we over analyse it in our head making it look like a big deal. The truth is, most times, if not all the time, it’s not that big of a deal. We just have to relax and ask God to hold our hands as we go through whatever it is we are faced with. As for driving, I’m pretty sure that I will overcome that. I’m going to end with this scripture that happens to be one of my best scriptures.

“Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. 7 And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.”

Philippians 4: 6-7

Are there times in your life where you were anxious about something and it turned out not as bad? What are your thoughts?

26 thoughts on “Being Anxious

  1. Great post Odi. I can relate. I was so scared of driving before and the first time I took lessons I was sweating in places I didn’t know I could swear ? Same goes for everything I’ve done in my life. I’ve always been so afraid of everything. I wrote an exam last weekend and in all honesty, that’s the first exam I write that I wasn’t so scared or anxious about. I think having a close relationship with God goes a long way. I finally know what I’ve been missing lol.
    Although, being anxious is almost unavoidable but it could and would get better

    1. ? ? I might just be worse.
      I can relate to being scared and anxious about writing a paper.
      A relationship with God really goes a long way, like you trust God to handle the situation and at the same time, He gives you peace to help that anxiety. Yeah, as humans, we will get anxious at one point in time but like you said, it’ll get better, especially with God.
      Thanks love ?

  2. ????Word Nakas!

    Take it from me driving in Nigeria is an extreme sport even me is complaining but tor we have to move.

    We actually get anxious over everything and I try everytime to remind my unconscious that yes the problem is big but my God is infinitely bigger than it! The scale is like 1:1,000,000,000,000…(adds zeros till tired)

    Thanks for the reminder.
    Rom 8:31 – “If God is for us, who can be against is”

  3. Such a good and relatable post. You’re so right that often the things we stress about are really not that big of a deal. But, even when the problems are a big deal and really scary, it’s good to know that God is bigger still. There is no problem that can outsize or outsmart Him.

  4. This is so true… Very true… And lol, I was so scared of driving until I met a friend who drives so beautifully that I started forcing him to teach me how to drive ? and yeah, there was absolutely nothing to be worried about!!

    Thank you for this, this would be my word for my week

  5. Thank you for this, I’m always scared of doing things and most times I end of not doing because I’m scared I will fail or what if something bad happens. I can so relate to this.
    Thank you for the scripture

  6. Hmm…. Nakas
    Some of us tend to suffer from anxiety, while some it’s overconfidence ?
    This is very true though… Although I think I’ll be one of those that will be coolly hyped about driving ?.
    We tend to over think things instead of trusting we can do it. I tell people that the secret to wearing heels is to not overthink it and trust that it will carry you.
    Don’t overthink stuff, just trust that God will carry you ?

  7. Wow…this is a really beautiful piece. I was always a worrier(if there’s any word like that) I was almost always anxious even about the unnecessary things. Writing exams was one and expecting the result was another, oh my…you don’t want to know how my heart races but I am better today all thanks to God who causeth us to triumph… He did a number on me and i am grateful for it. I am a work in progress and I am thankful for where I am now.

  8. Nice blog and thank you for the bible scripture. I have been in this situation so many times. We worry because we all had one bad or embarrassing situation that affect us to the point where we are scared to do anything else. I been in this situation plenty of times

  9. I’ve been feeling terrible about not being able to go through posts of blogs I follow or do anything blog related for a while but this makes me see God’s hand. I’m reading this at the exact time God needed to remind me of a few truths, God bless you so much.

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