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Ever feel like you’ve done a lot of things but somehow, you can’t measure up or meet up? Or you have struggled to get somewhere, yet somehow, it doesn’t happen? You feel like you’re not good enough; you’re not trying or doing more and what you do isn’t ever going to be enough. Well, you could have experienced feelings of inadequacy.

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In life, we go through things that (both negative and positive) that stress us physically and mentally. An example of a negative event is being abused, losing someone and so on. A positive event could be getting married, a new job, moving. With all that happens in our lives, we find a way to manage and cope with these life stress and triggers. What we do to manage them is known as coping mechanism.

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In my latest ViewPoint post about suicide attempt, I asked a couple of people what they think causes suicide, what age is too young to attempt suicide, how they would feel/react if a loved one attempted suicide and how they would respond to a loved one that attempted suicide. You can read all about it here.

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Earlier this year, in January, a young man (26) was rushed to the emergency unit of the hospital I worked in. Apparently, he attempted suicide by ingesting 2 bottles and half of sniper (an insecticide) but was found by a family

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Confrontation can be threatening, especially if you are the one being confronted. Personally, I don’t like confronting people but I don’t mind being confronted because I feel I handle that better than confronting someone. I simply did not know how to confront someone.

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Has someone ever told you a lie you totally bought, hook, line and sinker? Then has someone attempted to lie to you and you are like, “mhmm… uhuh… hmm.. oh.. wow…” girrrl… I know you are lying but ride on. Well…good for you if you can detect such lies. If you can’t, I’m going to show you how to tell when someone is lying.

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Everyone at some point in their lives gets anxious about something which could be a new job, new environment, making new friends, starting a new project, going through hard times and so on. I particularly usually have a lot of anxiety of which overthinking is a dominating characteristic. There are so many bible verses for anxiety. However, I have picked just 12 of them.

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