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    Approval: Why do we seek that?

    Do you ever feel like you want to put up something on your social media or blog and when you look at the content, you feel as if it’s not good enough, like it’s not strong enough or maybe your opinion isn’t even right...

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    Let go – forgive

    Do you ever get one of those moments when you feel like you are over how someone hurt you but still refer to it, or anytime you think about it, it hurts so badly? Well, maybe, just maybe, you're not over it, at least not...

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    Scars of the Past

    “Though we try to make right what wrong we have done or we try to become better, sometimes it still doesn’t change the fact that we hurt people and they might never completely heal from it, neither might they forget.”

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    Blogging: My Struggle

    Hey y’all, This is not the conventional post on my blog. This is more like a personal-pour-out-my-heart kind of post and it’s going to be a long one.

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    Be careful what you listen to and watch

    Do you pay attention to what you listen to? “TV, movies, games and books are much like food – for your mind and soul” -Elaine Shpungin Often times, I’d hear “be careful what you listen to and watch”, “be careful what your mind feeds on”. I knew it was true that what you listen to or watch could have effect on your mind but I never took it to heart. I have heard that watching violent movies can make you violent or listening to music about violence, drugs, music that degrade women and even those that use profanity can have a negative effect on you. Always, I’d wonder how that…

  • When Overwhelmed with insecurities, Odinakachukwu Ndukwe

    When Overwhelmed with Insecurities

    We sometimes make the statement “I don’t care what people say about me” and the likes but is that true? I myself have said that often and even did a post on it. There’s no doubt that saying such helps and is liberating, it actually did help me. However, the truth is we care about what people say. Let’s admit it. What we actually do is we try as much as possible to not make what people think about us matter or get to us.