Day 1 of a lesson each day for 100 days

Today, my sister engaged with someone on Twitter and at the end of it, the person subtly insulted her. You know those insults that are not direct but everyone knows it was a low blow? Well that’s what happened.

Honestly, I was disappointed because I had respect for this person and what the person stands for. I know the person is also human and bound to make mistakes but it just made me wonder.

Last last, be comfortable with who you are. That person you look up to; that person you want to notice you can fall hand (disappoint) also. So rather than strive to be noticed, just be you and be certain about your opinions, embrace your uniqueness and be bold and confident in anything you do. Not to slander or rubbish anyone but the person you think is better, smarter or anything more than you might actually not be. They just probably have a better platform.

Finally, pride is such a sneaky thing. When you think you’re humble, you just might not because pride just keeps coming in different forms and this is where one needs to be careful.

With the person that my sister engaged with on Twitter, she probably felt somehow that she was challenged (friendly argument) and to show herself, she had to go that low which is just disappointing and I didn’t think it was necessary too. If you ask me, I think that’s pride there. Especially an insult masked as love (there was a 🤗♥️ at the end of the subtle blow), naah. I don’t approve, it’s deception if you ask me.

What are your thoughts on all I’ve said so far?

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