Day 16 of a lesson each day for 100 days

Do you get those moments where you have to do something, say wash your cloth, but because you’re feeling lazy or tired, you leave it for the next day. The next day, there’s even more to do that washing those clothes might not be possible and even though it is, you would be shifting another task or you might just be extra stressed.

I’ve experienced this severally and this was me this evening. Because I was tired, I wanted to shift all I planned to do to the next day but I realized that tomorrow might even be more busy and I would be extra tired. Therefore, pushing what I have to do today to tomorrow has a high probability of stressing me more, particularly because this task has a deadline of tomorrow.

If I can manage to get it done today, why not? Except I really can’t. Now I’m done with it and I’m just glad.

They say you should not push what you have to do today till tomorrow. I guess there’s some truth in that statement.

Published by Odinakachukwu Ndukwe

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