Day 17 of a lesson each day for 100 days

I’ve come to realize that people lie unnecessarily. I’m not talking about lying to avoid something or lying that ‘seems’ justifiable. I’m talking about unnecessary lies.

An example is telling me how you bought a dress in a particular shop in the mall. Not that I asked o but you on your own simply brought it up. That’s unnecessary.

Or telling me that you helped someone with something when you didn’t. Again, I didn’t even ask yet you told that lie.

Not that I don’t know people tell unnecessary lies, it’s just that it baffles me everytime I find out.

I’ve also come to realize that people that tell unnecessarily lies simply want you to have an idea of them which is mostly that they are better; richer, kinder, more loving etc than you. It’s low-key low self esteem right there. Or it could just be a spiritšŸ¤·

Another set of lies are the foolish ones. Those ones that people tell hoping you buy it when it’s not even a smart lie. I’m like, Guy, put more effort in that your lie, I can poke it easily.

I’m not saying you should lie all the time, I’m saying if you’re going to lie to someone about something instead of telling the truth, then put in effort. When you tell that unsmart lie to someone and they see through you, your purpose of lying (whatever reason you feel is necessary to lie) is defeated plus, you indirectly called them stupid for thinking they would swallow the lie. It also breaks trust.

I keep saying that if I know I might go to jail for years for robbing a bank, I might as well rob in such a way that my children’s children will have no problem. Just like some of our politicians do. That way, I can say the jail is worth it.

I’m not saying you should rob a bank. All I’m saying is, anything doing is worth doing well. Tell the truth always or lie smartly ( I do not support this). Even the devil tells his lies so well that it’s very convincing. Okay, I know he’s the father of lies so of course. I hope you get my point though.

There’s a song with lyrics that say ‘if you can’t do good, you better do bad well’. With his, you don’t stay in the middle and also that way, you know you don’t have a problem with the consequences since you did the bad well.

I DON’T SUPPORT LIES. I believe in truth all the time and I know how difficult that can be. I’m simply saying, there’s no need for unnecessary lies and if you have to lie, put effort.

Let no one misunderstand what I’m saying. Let me spell it clearly




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