Day 21 of a lesson each day for 100 days

Today, I want to talk about emotional manipulation and abuse. This is because of some things happening with me and around me with the people I care about.

People think it’s only when you physically abuse or manipulate someone that it’s bad. There’s something called emotional manipulation and emotional abuse. I believe people that do this are purely selfish and insecure.

I’ll give you examples of emotional manipulation and emotional abuse

• Stringing someone along when you know that they like you, with no intention of committing just because you’re trying to keep your options open in case something happens. It’s distasteful and as far as this goes, you’re simply selfish with no regard for people and their feelings, all because you are not sure of yourself and trying to make future proof plans. Please don’t let me compare you to a witch or wizard because manipulation to me is a sign of witchcraft and that’s manipulation

• Playing on people’s intelligence. How do you make people feel stupid and make them doubt what they know? They tell you they saw so so and so happen but you make them feel like it was all in their head and sometimes you even play victim. You’re wicked. Do you know what that does to a person? Please why would you do that?

• Playing on insecurities. How dare you play on someone’s insecurities? Do you do it to feel good about yourself? To gain control? Why? It’s so sad and all I do is feel pity for you because you really don’t like yourself and that’s sad. I mean, it has to be your insecurities and childhood issues that would cause this. It’s just sad. There’s hope for you.

• Passive aggression. This thing annoys me and it has to be the height of emotional abuse. Giving backhanded compliments, guilt tripping, giving the silent treatment, yet you simply would never say what is wrong with you and what’s worse is that you make it seem like all is well. I see you. Stop it.

There’s definitely more examples but these ones are primary to me now. Like I mentioned, any form of manipulation to me is witchcraft. Please don’t be showing witchcraft tendencies.

Finally, if you’re not emotionally available for someone, just leave them alone. Don’t be unfortunate. People forget that emotional things hurt, sometimes, harder than physical pain. Don’t think of only yourself, think of others. How would you feel if it were you? Don’t be a witch or wizard. Respect yourself and other people. Thank you.

. . .

I’m semi-vexed tbh, incase you got that from the whole post. It breaks my heart. We are all selfish and we really don’t care who we have to hurt to get out way. Please try to think of other people because you would want them to think of you and in case you really don’t care about that, perhaps think of other people because that’s the right thing to do.


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