Day 24 – Trust

As a Christian, it’s easy to tell other people to draw near to God when they feel far. We remind them that the farther they are, the more they need God so they should come to Him.

When you feel that way; when you feel distant from God, you know it’s the more reason to draw near to Him but then you realize that it’s not as easy as it looks. It’s simple, Yes. But it’s not as easy.

You feel reluctant, as if you are disappointing to look at and you’re not worth it. There are times I’ve felt that way but as I grow in my walk with God, I know to simply run to Him regardless.

How? I simply trust that God will not push me away and He’s merciful. He also wants me close to Him. So when I don’t feel like it, I simply draw near and ask Him for help.

It’s all trust. To trust that God loves you and is merciful. To trust that God’s words never fail.

In our faith, faith in God is really important. Trusting God is really important. You don’t need proof or a sign, you just trust that this is how God is, you trust that He’s a fair Judge, He’s merciful and a good Father. That’s faith.

God is a good Father.

So if you feel far away from God and a part of you just wants to go back but you feel ashamed or unworthy, know that God wants you back💯

Published by Odinakachukwu Ndukwe

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