Day 25 – Everyone is dealing with something

Today, I learned that someone I thought was okay financially in fact was struggling and it made me think about how we assume things of people just like the way I assumed the person was fine. If I was asked, I’d even say the person was faring much better than I was but the reality was I was doing much better.

Don’t make assumptions about people. You think you’re the only one struggling with something but someone else that doesn’t ‘look it’ might also be in the same shoes as you.

I have come to realize that we see ourselves 100% but for some reason, take what people show us as their 100%. So we have so much information about us but take the little about others (what we see or what they let us see) as the whole of them.

You’re doing fine, everyone has what they are dealing with. Don’t feel intimidated or pressured. Everyone knows what’s doing them. You see yours so glaringly and you think yours is worse. Not true.

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