Day 27 – Misinterpretation of things based on your perception

I learned that you can misinterpret people’s intentions and gestures based on how you perceive or intend them to be, assuming you were the one.

Oya, let me break it down.

You know when someone smiles at you and you think they are being open or friendly or how someone opens up to you and you think they trust you. Sometimes what you think they mean are not what they really mean to them. You think they mean a particular thing because that’s what you would imply if it were you but sometimes it means nothing.

That special gesture someone did for you might not mean you are special or anything. It might just be how they behave.

In as much as there are universal gestures and behaviours, I believe that people interpret things differently. The only way to know the intentions of someone is to ask them; clarify (only when necessary). Sometimes we misinterpret things.

Published by Odinakachukwu Ndukwe

4 comments on “Day 27 – Misinterpretation of things based on your perception”

  1. Ain’t this the truth? Can’t tell you how many times I’d misconstrued someone’s niceness as a sign of affection only to realize later that they were just being nice.

    1. 😂we’ve all been there. These days, I’ve learned to take things as they are and I try not to overthink it. How’s that working for me? Well, I’m getting there.

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