Day 28 – Unnecessary explanations

So yesterday, I was weak to write and post this, in fact, I just slept off. I was so tired from work. Funnily, yesterday, something happened and I learned from it.

When you think you’re talking to people and they understand what you’re saying, realize that sometimes, they don’t. It’s either they don’t or the understanding evaporated. Either way, take it that they don’t get that explanation you’re giving and are just bent on doing what they like or pushing their selfish intentions and needs.

Eg. Jake is mad that he did not get two sweets but Jay got two. It’s normal for the person to feel cheated right? But then Maggie takes her time to explain that Jay got two sweets because he has low sugar and it made sense to give him just to help him. Jake then tells Maggie they get and asks why no one explained that in the first place.

Few minutes later, Jake is still agitated and tells anyone that cares to hear that Jay got two sweets and he got just one. Let’s not forget that as Jake is angry about this, he becomes careless with his words by saying unnecessary and sometimes hurtful things.

Why? I don’t get it. Maggie has explained why Jay has two sweets and it’s not because she was trying to be unfair to Jake but because it felt right and made more sense. Why does it bother Jake so much?

This is the best I can do now for an example and I hope you get the idea. Now, I know the way Jake reacted is deeper than just what happened on the surface, maybe they faced a similar situation in the past and such a thing triggers them, I really don’t know but I do know they need help because it’s just not healthy.

As I’m being exposed to the world now that I’m an adult, I see different people and the more I see, the more I lose faith and my trust for/in people. Everytime people do slippery things, it just baffles me. Why? Because I just can’t believe such a person can be two faced but that’s life.

I’ve learned today that some things are not worth giving time to and some explanations are not necessary because the person you’re explaining to doesn’t exactly care your reasons (even though they look reasonable enough). They are just not happy that they didn’t have their way.


. . .

I’m sorry I couldn’t post this yesterday. Forgive me🙏

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