Day 31 – Telling your problems

It’s a new month y’all and I’m not as excited but I’m very much hopeful. June was a good month overall and guess who made it to day 30 of a lesson each day?

Yass, this girl. I’m thankful for the consistency; 31 days and counting.

I hope June was good overall for you and I pray July would be much better.

Lesson for today is that people will always try to make your problem seem like nothing. Frankly, I understand and I don’t blame them. It’s because they too have their problems and sometimes they don’t understand yours. Until it happens to them, they don’t know how it feels.

I think when we understand that people might not take our problems like we do and sometimes might belittle it, we wouldn’t be so mad at people for not getting us or not being sensitive to our needs and problems.

I’m not trying to defend them but whether you admit it or not, you do it; you sometimes make small, people’s problems. I think we can try to be sensitive and helpful but sometimes you can’t help it because you might not even be aware.

Above all, God sees your problems and knows how you feel. He really wants to hear you tell Him and just pour yourself.

This month, please take God with you. He loves you ❤️

Published by Odinakachukwu Ndukwe

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