Day 37 – Fight wisely

Don’t fight battles you can’t win, especially when the person you’re fighting doesn’t even know there’s a fight. I mean, how funny is that?

Another one is fighting someone indirectly that they don’t even know you’re fighting them. If you’re so bold, do so directly. Some people are cowards and are only bold in hiding or behind someone. I wish I could put more context into this, but unfortunately I can’t do that. Just know that it’s cowardice fighting someone indirectly and they don’t know you’re fighting them.

Then there’s fighting when you know you’re obviously wrong but your ego will not let you see it. Don’t make a fool of yourself. It’s not flattering.

In conclusion, don’t fight battles you can’t win and don’t do so indirectly, especially if the person you’re fighting doesn’t know there’s a fight and especially when you’re in the wrong.

Published by Odinakachukwu Ndukwe

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