Day 45 – Core violation and non core violation

So I learned something yesterday from a class and I think it’s quite interesting so I’m sharing. I dunno if I completely agree but it makes sense so far. It’s on core violations and non core violation.

Core violations are hardly forgiven or let go or repaired than non core violations.

You’re probably wondering what core violation and non core violation are.

You can think of the violation as broken trust.

Core violation is when you go against what you stand for. Eg, if your brand is known for integrity and the brand gets involved in a scam, that’s a core violation.

Non core violation are violations that don’t go against what you stand for. Eg. If your brand is known for quality food and the brand gets involved in a sex scandal, that’s a non core violation because it does not affect the core of the brand. A core violation in this case would be if the brand has compromised their quality ingredients.

With all these, there are also competence violations and integrity violations.

Competence violations are easily forgiven because people can understand that some things can be overwhelming and people can make mistakes. However it’s an intergrity violations if they had bad intentions.

Eg. You’re asked to write a good article and you know it’ll take you 6 hours but you did it for 4 hours because you were lazy to go extra mile. That’s competence violation.

Integrity violation would be knowing you’re to do 6 hours but you intentionally plan to do it for 4 hours because you want to save time and get started on another person’s article. That’s an integrity violation. I hope you understand. This is not really the best of example to give but stay with me here.

So, what do you think?

I’m sorry I’m just posting this. I completely forgot and slept off without scheduling it to post even though the post was ready. Please forgive me🙏

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