Day 46 – Taking risks

Today I realized that it’s easier to do something when there’s a contingency plan. It’s easier to fly high when there’s a cushion on the ground in case you fall. It’s easier to give up your salary every month when you are living with your parents that provides everything and makes things available for you. It’s easier to start a business when you know you can fall back on some money kept safe for you in case the business doesn’t go well.

Why is it easier to do these things? Because the fear or losing it all and failing is reduced. You know that there’s a backup plan and so you take risks of which sometimes are necessary for growth.

I understand when people are afraid to do certain things and to take certain risks. They really have to be sure they make the right choice and it pays at the end.

However, if you remove these fears, what would you do? But how do you remove them when it’s the reality?

I guess life is really about taking chances.

Published by Odinakachukwu Ndukwe

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