Day 51 – Gratitude

Some things we naturally do without stress that seem so little and forgettable are the things one should be grateful for. These include finishing school, working, giving birth to healthy kids, good relationships, healthy bodies, nice dentition, good hair, and so on. You can name them all.

I work in the hospital and I see people struggle for things we don’t appreciate enough. You might not have a good dentition but you have hands and legs. You might not have a good posture but your kidneys are working fine, you’re not on dialysis.

Do you know that some people also struggle with certain social problems that you might not have struggled with? Like making friends, going out, having people that love them around them, completing school, getting a job and so on.

I know we can be carried away by our problems and sometimes we tend to magnify certain flaws and situations we have and we don’t see other things that are going well for us. That’s completely normal as a human though.

The message here is to appreciate the little things and be grateful, always.

Published by Odinakachukwu Ndukwe

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