Day 54 – Comparisons

Comparison I believe, is inevitable so I’m not going to say don’t compare (even though that’s true) yourself with others. However when you do compare, know that things are not exactly as you see them.

People have been through different stages of life and are now enjoying hard work and consistency whereas you’re starting out and even if you’re not, you might not have put in as much dedication.

Also know that sometimes people exaggerate what’s going on with them making it look like things are greater than they are. Don’t fall for it.

Finally, go easy on yourself. You know the complete (100%) fact about your situation and you see your flaws and struggles whereas you only see what people make you see and you take that small percentage and compare with yours? That’s not fair.

Besides, you might actually have made progress but you’re looking for one gigantic thing.

Be grateful for where you are now. Life is even more than some of the things we make it to be. Live, laugh, experience life. Seek to be better and don’t be pressured to keep up with who you think you’re supposed to be or who you think people think you’re supposed to be.

Get to know who you are and be better. Be useful to people in this world even if it’s one. Touch that life!

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