Day 57 – Blah

Today I felt like not putting anything up but the essence of this series is consistency right?

Between yesterday and today (particularly today), I’ve been feeling like doing nothing. Today I feel blah, just there. I wrote in my notes ‘I want to feel something, I’m not feeling anything’. I tried listening to music but I just wasn’t feeling it.

You’re probably wondering what the lesson is. Well, there’s none. I felt like letting that out.

I feel like there are some emotions I need to sort out but unfortunately, I might be lazy to or I simply don’t have the courage to because I know I’d see scary things.

I’m always for sorting out emotions and I admit they are hard. I also know that not sorting and resolving them can lead to a build up in the future which subconsciously sip out of us through unpleasant or self/sabotaging behavior and to get better, one will eventually have to sort them out.

So, the earlier the better right?

I feel better writing this. Hopefully you find a lesson somewhere in all I’ve written, after all it’s a lesson each day.

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