Day 58 – Can you say God is good?

I was having a conversation with my mom and my sister earlier today. She was talking about someone that is going through a lot and felt like God had abandoned them. To be honest, I understand because there was a time in my life I was so mad at God and I wanted Him to feel it (Haq, how foolish of me).

Anyway, after the whole conversation, I had a question to ask.

In your intense pain, when you lose everything and feel alone, can you say that God is good?

Before you answer, know that when you’re not in such a condition, you can say you trust the will of God and you know He’s a good God. You can say no matter what you’re going through that there will be deliverance eventually.

What if there’s no deliverance? What if you die? What if the ‘blessings’ never happen? Will God then be a liar? Can you say that God is good?

I’m learning these days that sometimes we make Christianity about us alone. It’s true God loves you and would like to have you. But sometimes I think it’s bigger than us. Things that happen to us might not necessarily be about us. That ‘blessing’ or ‘healing’ you’re believing God for might not just be about you.

I believe God is mostly interested in our souls and our hearts. Are you letting Him do some work there? God is not transactional. God needs to know that you love and trust Him and that doesn’t just happen when things are good but even in painful and trying times.

I ask again, when things don’t go well all around, can you say with your heart that God is good?

For me, it’ll take the spirit of God to make that confession and I pray that in all situations, I can always say that God is good because He’s a good God and it doesn’t matter how I look at it.

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