Day 7 of a lesson each day for 100 days

I’m going to keep today’s lesson short because it is as simple as it is.

Don’t take things for granted and don’t think be oblivious to things that are real.

You see your friends, the little things they do, don’t take that for granted. I’m talking about everything you normally wouldn’t see as a big thing should not be taken for granted because when that ‘small thing’ is gone, you see the impact that it had.

Also, those things you would ordinarily dismiss as nothing; nudges of your senses and even the Holy Spirit, don’t be oblivious to them no matter how absurd or ridiculous they are.

They say ignorance is not an excuse and the Bible talks about people perishing for lack of knowledge.

I wish I could give you a little bit of context but that is it. I pray God gives you understanding where you need it and I pray that those of you going through hard times will be strengthened. God loves you.

If you’re seeing this, say a word of prayer for me as the spirit leads. Thank you.

Published by Odinakachukwu Ndukwe

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