Day 88

I’ve realized that everyone has something they do really well. Some people do most things well, so their list is longer.

I also notice that people think that because they do well in something that you fall short of, they are better than you. That’s true for that particular thing but that’s not true all round.

I believe some people have more grace to do certain things than others. I’m not excusing complacency or stagnation. I’m simply saying we should be graceful in our speech and shouldn’t embarrass or ridicule someone because you’re better somewhere.

If we place your life and theirs together with the circumstances and situations each has gone through, do you actually think you’d be better?

Again, I’m not excusing complacency or criticism but I know that you probably understand what I’m saying. Point is, be kind, understanding and where you have to correct, do so out of love and not to spite them or show you’re better because you’re not really better. If you were, you wouldn’t need salvation.

Published by Odinakachukwu Ndukwe

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