Day 9 of a lesson each day for 100 days

You never know the value of what you have until someone tells you its worth before you see it for what the value that it is.

There’s this hammer that has been in my house for as long as I can remember. Few days ago, it got into the hands of one of the carpenters doing wood work in our house. They’ve been on the work for a week now. I know one of my brothers gave them the hammer, I just don’t know the circumstances. All I know is that one of the carpenters had the hammer.

Today, as my brother stepped out to play football, he saw one of the carpenters put the hammer in his tool bag (it was their last day, they were done with the work). He told the guy it was ours and he should let him have it. The carpenter then told him he didn’t know and that he’s been using the hammer for a long too. He talked about how good the hammer was and how strong it was.

When my brother entered the house, he told us at about what happened and how the carpenter was praising the hammer. I just looked at the hammer like ‘you mean this hammer’?

The hammer has been there for so long and has come in handy a few times when we needed to hit a nail somewhere.

It was then I realized something (should I say I was reminded of something because sometimes we know but we are continually reminded).

You never know the value of what you have until someone tells you its worth before you see it for how valuable it is.

Until my brother spoke about how strong and good quality the hammer was, that hammer was just a hammer. Now that we know, I’m sure we will take better care of it. It’s been gone for days and no one even bothered. If not that my brother saw the carpenter as he was about to pack it (people sha), no one would have cared until we needed to hit a nail somewhere.

In life, when we don’t value things, we just don’t care about it or we become indifferent. Also, we might have something or someone and never really know their value until someone points it out and then it just hits us that this thing or this place or this person is valuable to us and needs to be handled or treated better.

It’s just like how we ‘see finish’ our family members or friends and someone compliments them or talks about something wonderful they did and we are like, is it this person that I know like this? Yes, it’s the person. You just didn’t know because you have seen them finish and you think that’s all there is to them.

All I’m saying is, sometimes someone has to tell you the worth of something before you cherish it or take good care of it. It’s not that you’re bad, it’s just human nature. But don’t wait till you lose something before you realize how awesome it was or lose someone before you realize how awesome they were.

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