Effective Communication Class

Do you know that most problems can be solved with clear effective communication?

One of the major problems in any form of relationship (romantic, friendship, work, family, etc.) is needs not being met. These needs could be physical (food, shelter, etc.), psychological (comfort, identity, pleasure, etc.) or even social (affiliation, intimacy, community, etc.).

The reason needs are not met is mainly due to these needs not being communicated clearly and effectively. If there is clear communication of your needs, you’ll be able to know who can fulfill these needs and who can’t and how you would want people to meet your needs. You’ll also be able to know the needs of others and how you can meet them too.

It is clear that communication is integral in our society and even to us as individuals. If communication is this important, isn’t it necessary to therefore know how to communicate effectively?

I will be holding a 3-day online class on effective communication starting from the 8th and ending on the 10th of August. In this class, you’ll learn the following things

Day 1 – 8th of August

  • What clear effective communication is and what it’s not
  • What it means to be an engaged listener and how to do so

Day 2 – 9th of August

  • How to identify your and other people’s communication styles and needs and what to do with that information
  • Non-verbal communication and body language

Day 3 – 10th of August

  • What it means to be assertive and how to do so effectively
  • How to communicate more effectively in person and through other mediums

The class has a registration fee of 1500 naira.

Venue of the class: WhatsApp

Date: 8th to 10th of August

Time: 7:30pm to 9:30pm (WAT)

To join the class,

  1. Pay using the link here. It will lead you to a Paystack payment page. Or you can make a transfer to account number: 1005819749, bank: Zenith Bank, Name of account: Odinakachukwu M. Ndukwe.
  2. Send evidence of payment to the WhatsApp number +234 809 194 0384 or you click here and it’ll lead you straight to the WhatsApp number chat and you’ll be added to the class after payment has been confirmed.
Effective Communication