Feeling a bit stuck

For the past two weeks, I’ve been feeling a bit stuck. I’m not sure how to explain it, at the same time I think I can try.

2 weeks ago, I had an idea or a bit of an epiphany concerning my business and it was awesome. I only needed to find a way to communicate it better and plan towards it. I was so excited.

Although great, I simply found myself a bit stuck because even though I had an idea, I wasn’t sure how to put it on paper and even execute it.

I have a strategy for my business that I’ve been working towards since the beginning of this year and now it’s changing due to this new idea or way I feel led to take my business to. Worst of all, I can’t seem to write a proper plan.

Thinking is a lot of hard work, especially when coming up with a plan.

In all, I believe God has been directing me, whether it’s to a YouTube video or a link or Instagram page or through someone’s words. I believe it was God who gave me this idea/epiphany and I know He will see it through.

Still, I feel a bit far. I’m praying but I still feel far, almost lazy and I dunno what’s up.

I feel tired and I can’t take a break as I wish because of the work I’m doing for clients. I wish I can switch off for a week.

In all, I’m grateful for the progress I’m seeing in my life and with my business. God is always faithful and He’s truly a good Father. I’m glad He found me because, I’m not sure how I’d do life without Him. He’s my advantage, always.

2 thoughts on “Feeling a bit stuck

  1. Hello, I just gone through your blog for the very first time… I think it’s great. I want to read more of your blogs. If possible try to continue sharing more blogs.

    1. Hi Hemang,

      Thank you for your kind comment. I’ll try to update more frequently. I’ll publish a post on Friday, so please watch out. I’m glad you want to read more of my blogs. Thank you 🙏

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