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​Hey guys, it’s a new month, Happy New Month! I’m a bit excited about this month, why? Because July is gone and I can’t wait to see what August holds, whether good or ugly, but c’mon I’d love mostly the good lol and I’m positive. Well July has been somewhat good, had its ups and downs, but in all I’d say I learned a lot and most importantly, I grew.

So, I’d like to share some of the things I’ve learned.

I started a blog, Yes, this blog. I think this was the major achievement in July.

I’ve learned how to read more. I read, but it’s sometimes and it has to be what really interests me. Starting a blog has really made me love reading and I can confidently say I read more this month than any month this year (apart from my school books of course) and I’m happy with all the knowledge and wisdom I have gathered.

Also, I’ve learned how to talk less. I’m naturally quiet but I can talk too much, only my close friends can testify (not that I talk senselessly or something) but these days, I’ve learned how to choose information to give out or comments to say, not everything is necessary, as one grows also, one realizes it’s not everything one has to reply to or comment on.

I’ve learned how to care less. Now what do I mean? Before, I’d take things to heart, always thinking and replaying things in my head. It’s not like I’ve totally stopped but I can say it reduced and it feels quite liberating. For instance, If I say something, I owe you no explanation, except I actually do. If your attitude towards me has changed, and after trying to understand what’s wrong or what changed and knowing I tried reaching out, I can’t stress. You can’t be on my mind that way, so what do I do? I let go. I didn’t just learn this in July but with every passing month, it’s getting better, the way I know it’ll be much better next month and the next and the next lol.

I’ve always known this about humans but it came in like some kind of refresher course that most people don’t see their faults in anything and they will never accept they did something wrong, instead when you tell them they start telling you all your own and they can cause trouble. One thing I noticed that makes people to not accept their faults and change is probably because they don’t see it as a fault or they are not aware they are that way. Dealing with such people is quite difficult and it’s like Cos 90. These set of people and also difficult people are the ones I ask God for wisdom to relate with.

In all, I’m grateful to God for another month (July wasn’t really as good as I’d wanted it to be) and I hope to do more things, learn new things, read new books and articles, pay attention to more things, keep a journal, figure myself more, grow spiritually and just develop myself in all. I also hope to accomplish those things I have set out to do this August and I pray it goes well.

I would advice that we make plans concerning the new month, write them down (already done that). We should develop ourselves and make use of any opportunity we see. Write that essay, apply for that thing, do something, it doesn’t hurt to see how it goes. Above all, commit all your plans to God.

What things have you learned, what things did you achieve last month?

Side Note: So I’m planning on doing a post about treating everyone equal both in the way we relate to people we don’t know and business-wise but I’ve seen interesting view-points of some people and I’d like to know what you guys think also. Do you think everyone should be treated equally? Does it apply to every aspect of life? For example treating a client better than another because the client is paying more or looks rich or something. I’d really love to get view points on this, thanks.

4 thoughts on “Hello August 

  1. I’m going to give my opinion on the side note. It is not easy treating everyone in the same way. Not because of race, wealth or any other distinction we usually put, but because of the different ways people react to the same situation. However, I think we can all exercise the same attributes towards everyone when interacting with them regardless of who they are and what they are all about. We can show respect, exercise patience and tolerance and try to be amicable to all and sundry as we go about our businesses .

  2. I loved what you wrote and I would like to start my own blog, but I really need help in writing, can you please help me how to create a blog and how to write.

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