Is it right for a man to hit a woman?

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Is it right for a man to hit a woman?

Is it right for a man to hit a woman or a guy to hit a girl?

Yesterday when I came back from work, just right after I had settled in, my brother brought up this question, is it right to hit a woman? Of course my mom, my sister and I answered that it wasn’t right to hit a girl. He then asked what if the lady provokes the man or probably slaps the man, wouldn’t it be justified?

We all argued (everyone in the house) and it was fun and enlightening. At the end of it all, I learned some things and also thought out things too from the discussion and I’d like to share them.

  • It is not right to hit a girl as a guy or a girl, or to hit a guy as a girl or a guy, in fact, hit no one!

There’s no point fighting with anyone, whether male or female. We should all learn to let things go, although it is not easy (that’s where self-control comes in), but in the long run it is good and you don’t get to go physical, because you don’t know if you’d come out same way you entered. You might lose your life.

  • Do not provoke anyone

Please don’t tempt anyone whether by words or actions or anything. Ladies, don’t tempt guys by provoking them because you think no man should beat a girl. Wife, please don’t tempt your husband by insulting or even hitting him. The guy is a human being and can react based on emotions. Thank God for those with self-control. Sometimes I look at what some ladies do to some guys and I’m like, if this were to be another lady, they would never take this but because the guy is supposed to not beat a lady and a gentleman that he is expected to be, he does nothing. Girl, you might be pushing it.

  • Self-control is very important

Whether male or female, it’s important we all learn to have self-control. It’s one of the fruits of the Holy Spirit the bible tells us to bear. It could save you from a lot of things. People have ended up in the prison because they did not have self-control. Others have died due to lack of self-control.

  • Male and female, they are both humans, they have emotions and can act on emotions

You just don’t assume a guy should control his temper or emotions because he is a guy. Self-control is not a gender thing, it wasn’t made for the males alone. I think it’s double standard. A girl can rant but a guy isn’t allowed to? I’m just saying, let’s not provoke anyone.

  • If you want to fight, please, be sure you can take on your opponent and also, be sure you are ready to get to the end of it

Be it female or male, analyze and be sure. Don’t go and kill or destroy yourself because of anger, pride and lack of self-control. Ladies when you are insulting that guy or hitting him, please have in mind the fact that if he were to hit back, you probably wouldn’t survive it without getting injured and so on.

Now, what makes a guy beat a girl or what makes anyone beat anyone is the fact that they think or they know that they can beat them. Imagine a guy, who is probably skinny get insulted or get slapped by a really physically strong lady, I doubt if he will beat her or even attempt. I strongly doubt that. The guy will just calm down and walk away or shout. Let’s not also forget that strength is not by size. Don’t underestimate people. Others can really be cruel and pour acid on your face (Just saying) or arrange people to beat you. It’s not everybody that seems well that is well mentally or spiritually. Many are mad but few are manifesting.

  • Think about the consequences of things before venturing into them

Would my reaction cause me to lose my home? To lose my spouse? Would I lose my friendship? even lose my life?? If it’s not worth it, don’t.

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  • Refusing to react to things is not a sign of weakness

It’s not everything you react to. There are times people insult or provoke you and you just keep calm (some people really do know how to hit that nerve). Someone might see it as a sign of weakness; they see it as a dent to your ego. I really don’t think it’s any of the two. Instead I see it as a sign of maturity and sometimes critical thinking. Maturity, because you are above all that and it really tells you the mentality of the person who is insulting you. Also once you don’t react, after they have tried all they can to provoke you, they too will calm down or be really angry because you are not giving them attention and that is their problem.

Sometimes critical thinking is involved, in the sense that you have analyzed the situation and concluded that you’d be seriously dealt with if you are not careful. The person insulting you might be someone who, hands down, would beat the hell out of you or has power to pull you down. The power might not necessarily be physical, it might be spiritual or even with their connections of which they are able to use to make your life a living hell. In my opinion, I don’t think it’s wise to engage such a person. It’s not weakness, it’s “I love myself and want to remain sound”.

Is it right for a man to hit a woman?

I’m sure someone is wondering if I’m justifying the beating of a lady by a man, I’m not o, but we have to consider some things. The way a lady is human, a guy is human too. If a guy (or anyone for that matter) however beats a lady for nothing or flimsy, inconsiderate reason, then he is not well. It’s wrong and shouldn’t be. An example would be a drunk man beating his wife or sisters. Or a man who is having low self-esteem issues or just being angry with everyone, beating his wife or sister or any other person he thinks he can beat. Try someone your own size or even bigger and know how it turns out.

I want to end with this scripture from the bible in Galatians 5:22-23 that tell us the kind of fruits we should bear.

“But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law”

So I throw back the question to you all, is it right for a man to hit a woman? What if the lady provokes the man or probably slaps the man, wouldn’t it be justified?


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18 thoughts on “Is it right for a man to hit a woman?

  1. I find it very sad that most people focus on men beating women when it can very well be the other way round. At the end of the day, it all balls down to double standards.
    You’re right tho, everyone should try to exercise some level of self control.

    1. Yea, that’s right, why do most people focus on men beating women when women beat men too? I just remembered a story of how a woman beats up her husband but he doesn’t shout for help because he doesn’t want neighbors to know it’s a woman that is beating him.
      Thanks dear for your comment

  2. No man should hit a woman unless she is trying to kill him just my opinion
    A woman shouldn’t hit a man neither.

    Another I wanna bring up is a woman shouldn’t fight a man’s battle meaning if her boyfriend,husband, brother, or father is fighting with a another man, then she shouldn’t jump in even if he gets jumped by numerous men. She should call the cops or get security.
    Now if it’s her child getting beat up, then I could understand her jumping in to defend her child

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