Let God work in you

Lately, I’m learning to expose my thoughts and desires to God so He purges me and helps me.

So I have a prideful thought and then instead of hiding or pretending that the thought didn’t come from me, I ask God to help me and deal with it. Besides, you can’t hide your true thoughts, feeling and motives from Him.

Another thing that gives me hope is when the Holy Spirit points out something in my life for me to do better.

It’s painful sometimes because conviction and correction is not always sweet, but it gives me hope because God wants to bring a work in me. The amazing thing is that, when He brings something to mind to change or do better, He also makes power, grace and strength available to make that change; to be better.

God is good and thoughtful.

Not only did we gain salvation and righteousness, He gave us the Holy Spirit that helps us to live righteously and bear good fruit in righteousness. He didn’t just leave us alone.

We don’t have to do life alone. The Holy Spirit empowers us.

Isn’t that thoughtful?

Such a good and perfect God.

Surrender your anxious, imperfect, and weak thoughts to God. He cares and He loves you ❤️

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