Life Lately + A Few Things Learnt in the Month of March

Welcome to my blog. If you are reading this, then I guess you know I’m now self-hosted. I changed my blog name from Quirks and Pearls (Q&P) to The Royal Deviant (TRD). If you want to know more about this new change, and the idea behind the new name, you could check it out here.

The month of March has been quite eventful with lots of experiences and emotions. If you noticed, you would see that I never did a single blog post in the whole of March. First off, let me apologize for that, I’m truly sorry I went MIA. I really needed to take the break. I felt so unmotivated and overwhelmed with happenings around me. Also, going to Benin had its toll on me. Finding time to properly settle down and adjusting to the new schedule I had was also a factor. But not to worry guys, your girl is back!

I would like to say thanks to those that reached out and to those who kept checking my blog for new posts. You guys are amazing. Thank you all.

Moving to Benin City

Speaking about all that happened in the month of March, a major one was moving to Benin. Okay, it’s not exactly a permanent move. It’s quite temporal, just for 7 months. For a Medical Laboratory Science foreign graduate who wants to practice in Nigeria, they would have to undergo 7 months of mandatory training by the Medical Laboratory Science Council of Nigeria (MLSCN). After which they would be inducted as Medical Laboratory Scientist in Nigeria. Well, that’s the program I’m doing now and I’m glad I got in.

Basically, there are just three (3) states teaching hospitals in which one can be posted to. These are Ibadan (University College Hospital), Benin (University of Benin teaching Hospital) and Jos (Jos University Teaching Hospital). I would have loved to be posted to Ibadan but as God would have it, I ended up in Benin.

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I’ve been in Benin for almost four (4) weeks now. I have settled in properly and I must say Benin isn’t bad. I like the fact that I’m close to the Hospital, which is where I’ll be working and attending lectures too. You know what that means? I’m not going to be spending money on transport. Lol, that’s a way to save some money. I also like the fact that the place isn’t dull, I mean, there are students around so the place is sort of bubbling.

A Few Things I Learnt in the Month of March

Like I mentioned earlier, the month of March was quite eventful and of course, there has to be a few things to learn. Some of these, I knew before but sometimes you have to know again. Here they are:

  • You can’t please everyone
  • It’s okay to be you
  • Everything is not your fault
  • You are stronger than you look or think
  • Feel free to cry. No one even needs to know. Just let it all out. You can’t hide from your emotions, eventually, it becomes overwhelming and that’s unhealthy.
  • Don’t trust too much. The only one you should trust fully is God
  • Expect anything from anyone. Don’t be fully assured someone can never do anything except you truly know
  • It’s okay to admit your weaknesses. It’s the first step to solving them
  • Go at your own pace. There’s no need to be in a hurry
  • God always and always has a plan. You might never grasp it but He’s got it under control. He’s faithful that way. So stop over-thinking.
  • Never ever compromise your standards
  • People are much more than they look. Looks can be deceiving and concealing too

So, I’ve come to the end of this post. I wish I could have explained these points more but then it’ll end up being a really long post. Thanks for reading. If you are new, please subscribe for more posts.

Also, I want to thank those that nominated me for awards. I haven’t forgotten, neither have I ignored them. I will definitely get to them. ViewPoint will also kick off properly as from May, please stay tuned. May’s Topic will be an interesting one.

What do you think of my new website? What lessons did March teach you?

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10 thoughts on “Life Lately + A Few Things Learnt in the Month of March

  1. Hy Nakas! I didn’t even know you already became self hosted. Been nominating you for awards, no wonder I didn’t get any feedback. Yeah well I know now. Lovely website hun! Thank God for the great things he has started. Congratulations too on your program. The God who has began a good work in your life will also see to it that you finish that program in flying colors.

    Glad you’re back darling! Can’t wait for your usual juicy contents ?
    BTW, I nominated you for a challenge. You can check what it’s about here:

    I hope you accept it!

    1. Thanks Oma?. Amen to the prayer. About the award, I definitely accept ?
      Don’t worry, I’ll definitely honor all the awards I was nominated for.
      Thanks and thanks again dear?

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