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Hi, and welcome to My Space

I’m Odinakachukwu Ndukwe but you can call me Odinaka or The Royal Deviant.

I am a Nigerian that currently lives in Abuja. As a Christian, my faith in Christ is a big part of my identity; it’s everything tbh. I’m also an introvert and the first child of four children.

I studied Medical Laboratory Science from the University of Cape Coast, Ghana and I’m a licensed Medical Laboratory Scientist here in Nigeria.

I’m also a content marketer that specializes in writing, editing and developing useful and relevant contents that attract and convert prospects into loyal customers. I help businesses and personal brands attract and keep the right audiences/customers by writing, editing and developing helpful, engaging and attractive contents.

If you want to know more about me as a content marketer, you can visit my website by clicking here.

Growing up, I’ve always been intrigued by life and all it’s concepts. I’ve been interested in philosophy and human behaviour and it’s one of the reasons I started this blog. Being a quiet, weird kid and an introvert, I’ve always been on my own, having little to say but observing people and making speculations about behaviour and life generally.

Apart from human behaviour, I’m also interested in personal development. I believe in knowing oneself and trying to get better each time. It’s this interest that led me to talk about personal development on my blog. No matter how developed or good you are, I believe there’s always room for more; it’s a continuous learning process.

As a person, I strongly believe that honesty is the best policy and though that’s a naive standpoint in the world that we are today, I believe it does more good than harm but that’s a personal opinion. I also believe in integrity, an honest person will most likely have integrity. For me, honesty is what fosters trust in a relationship; that and communication and so I’m big on communication too.

Another thing I’m big on is family. I believe at the end of it all, in your lows, the people most likely to deal with you are your family and this might not necessarily be because they love you (that too) but because they literally can’t kick you out; they got no choice, they are actually stuck with you.

When I talk about family, I also mean friends turned family. I believe in wholesome friendships and being yourself with your friends. This is why I don’t play with my close circle of friends, I love them all and will always show up for them.

Words that could be used to describe me would be Curious, Honest, Weird, Empathic, Intuitive and Understanding.

What’s my Space about?

My space is simply a small space of The Royal Deviant Blog I carved out just to be personal. Here I’ll be sharing about my faith, my thoughts and life lessons. I’ll also be documenting my little wins too.

If it interests you and you’d like to see what Odinaka has to share, stick around!

I divided My Space into some categories (might add more in the future). They are as seen below:


My thoughts


You can also connect with me outside this blog, on Instagram @theroyaldeviant and Twitter @odinakandukwe