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University Life: Things I would have done differently + Extra tips

The university life is a life of freedom and it can also be used as an opportunity to build yourself, build your brand and build great networks for the future.

My graduation is coming up soon and I’m a bit or maybe not excited. Anyway, I studied Medical Laboratory Science at the University of Cape Coast (UCC), Ghana. My graduation was supposed to hold between 28th to 30th of September but I heard it has been shifted. It’s now between 19th to 21st of October, depending on the day my faculty falls on.


Peer pressure, the royal deviant

On my last post, I spoke about a teen’s programme in my church of which I was invited to speak on depression and peer pressure. That post focused on depression (Of which you could check it out here) and now I’ll be writing on peer pressure, I hope you enjoy it 😉 .

So I was going through true life peer pressure stories online and I came across a website http://doyoudealwithpeerpressure.weebly.com It mainly deals with teen peer

Behaviour Human Relationship Psychology

Do you get those moments when you just get lost in your thoughts and want to share with the world? Or you learn new things and just can’t wait to tell someone about it. Well
welcome to my head, lol.


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