Reducing life pressures: work within your level

One way to reduce pressure generally is to work within your level. If you position yourself as someone at a higher level than you really are, it’ll come with so much pressure, stress, and you’ll feel like you’re a fraud (I’m not talking about genuine impostor syndrome).

So grow. Work/walk at your level, then grow and work/walk at that new level. You can’t be in level 2 and position yourself as someone in level 5. You will feel pressured and stressed. You’ll also feel like a fraud.

This is not to say be complacent and stay where you are. I’m simply saying, admit your level and do things within that level. As you gradually grow, increase your capacity. It’s all a process.

This applies to career, finances, knowledge-base and so on. Don’t put unnecessary pressure on yourself. Life has lots of pressure that naturally come. Don’t add to yours.

Cut your coat according to your cloth. Hopefully and eventually, you’ll get more fabric to cut a bigger coat 😂 Also, don’t have enough material and cut just small coat. You’re simply working below your capacity.

All I’ve said so far applies to you if you don’t want to have a lot of pressure and stress in life.

Pressure can be a good thing and it can be bad. With pressure, you can improve and do better, or it can crush you. So if you feel you want pressure, good for you, as long as you can handle it.

Just be well.

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